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Patented worldwide, Feonic smart-material energy harvesters power sensors and wirelessly deliver real-time condition data to the Cloud. No batteries, wiring or any additional support infrastructure are required. Suitable for the most hostile environments, and applicable for any manner of industry.

Unlike most mechanical vibration harvesting devices Feonic technology does not need to be tuned to specific resonant frequencies, but harvests power over a wide frequency range.

"Our aim is to lead the market for autonomous sensors through exploiting our patented world-class power generating technology. Specifically providing sustainable energy to millions of sensors that form The Internet of Things (IoT). We will lead the market where autonomous conditional monitoring is critical in volatile, violent, extreme and destructive environments."

The Feonic Vibration technology is enabling a ‘game changer’ in the design of cheaper, lighter and smaller rugged autonomous wireless sensors.

Our Products
Bogie Wheel Wireless Sensing for Autonomous Fault Detection

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Low Cost
  • Solid state: No Battery, No Moving Parts, Hermetically Sealed
  • Life Expectancy >15 Years
  • Compact & Quick To Install
  • Proven Technology
  • Supported By a Fully Managed Service
  • Environmentally Hardened

Our Harvesters

Feonic Sensors

Patented Technology

Self Powered

Vibration powers the sensor. The Feonic technology enables harvesting over a wide range of vibration frequencies.

Wireless Communication

The Feonic sensors can be provided with a range of wireless technologies to take advantage of the latest IoT technologies available to increase range and reduce cost.


The Feonic sensors conduct on-board data analytics to reduce data transmission.

Zero Maintenance

The Feonic sensors have no moving parts, no battery and are hermetically sealed with a life expectancy of >15 years.

Compact & Fast To Install

The compact size of the Feonic sensors enables a discrete and low impact install design.

Managed Service

Feonic provides a fully managed service including the rental of the sensor, data comms, data storage, data analytics and a data presentation dashboard.

The Facts

Feonic and the sensor & analytics market


Wireless Sensor Market
by 2020


Rail bearings to monitor


Global patents



Our Team

Investment Opportunity

Feonic Vibration Technology Limited is a new start-up with a patented design that uses high power magnetostrictive material to harvest electricity from the natural vibration of machines.

The company is focussing initially on the rail industry to monitor the condition of wheel bearings of freight trains. Live trials with Network Rail in the UK have demonstrated the technology potential, and a series of global trials in the USA, China and Europe are planned over the next few months to validate the technology.

An initial round of £200K seed funding (25% already secured) is required to fund the compliance requirement prior to enable track testing. Convertible loan notes in the new start up company will be issued against minimum Investments of £25K.

Once validated the Company plans to raise a further £3.4m in a mix of new equity and grant or working capital loans in order to productionise the product, procure tooling and gear up our existing component supply chain with UK final assembly.

The initial validation tests are the culmination of over 10 man years of effort, during which we have invested over £245,000 in new product development and £29,000 securing granted intellectual property rights in the UK, EU, USA, China and Japan.

Historically Feonic Technology Ltd has specialised in developing & miniaturisation powerful smart-material products & has been producing & selling a range of maintenance free, solid-state audio devices for over ten years under world-wide patent protection.

A Feonic Hybrid Powercell (small, lightweight power generator) will harvest & store power from a wide range of vibration frequencies to create a maintenance-free autonomous power generator for wirelessly connected sensors for rail & other markets.

For more information please contact Brian Smith at or call +44(0)7870 592 919>

Autonomous Conditional Monitoring for Extreme Machines and Conditions

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This label serves as a new and credible symbol that can be applied to products, processes and services and serves as a guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions.

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